RoLL: Research on Learning and Language

How do we learn? How do we learn best? What does training have to do with it? What does it have to do with education? Why should we think about language when thinking about learning? Why are we staring at an electronic device so often when learning?

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On the role of the trainer, instructor, or teacher; on general processes, planning, sequences; on the how and why of teacher reflection

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How do we communicate in different learning contexts? What words and concepts are suitable; which ones should we question?

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What is learning technology? How can we use it effectively? How does any technology mediate teaching and learning?

Anything you would like to add, subtract, modify, comment on, take issue with, emphasize, …

If you are broadly interested in what came up in this section of the blog, all texts on Research on Learning and Language have also been sorted chronologically. (These computers remember everything. 🙂 )

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