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We obviously do not know how you got here, but we are happy you have come. And, we are Chris and Mat. Every week, each of us uses a couple of hours to create this website, to produce a text for the blog, and to improve its functionalities. Why? you ask. We both like writing and talking about the complexities and simplicities of life, our surroundings, and the country, the continent, and the planet as a whole. We both have years of experience in language and communication, education and training, management and leadership. We believe that it is time that we share our ideas, our expertise, and our insight with a wider audience.

Look around a bit more. We started building Panta Rhei in 2019. The site has grown steadily. So, explore and come back often. Or why not join the growing group of people who follow the Panta Rhei Blog?

What we do

Years of learning, reading, listening, experiencing, doing, reflecting, leading, following, smiling, crying, talking, writing, … Then some time in 2019 – simultaneously, yet independently – we started thinking about sharing our ideas and insight more widely and through channels that are new – and old – to us. In conversation we realized that our ideas and aspirations are compatible and that this work can be more effective – and is more enjoyable – when collaborating.

We decided to concentrate on the Panta Rhei Blog first. Podcasts, speaking engagements, workshops, consultations, webinars, … will be added later. [We are both working full time as team leaders, teachers, and researchers at a university. And we do actively participate in this weird and wonderful thing called life on most days. So, time for Panta Rhei has to be carved out, which we find as challenging as the next person.]

The template for the Panta Rhei site was created. To scope the range of topics, concepts, and experiences, we started off by creating the tag set for the blog. Everything is live and published almost immediately.

In Chris’s blog posts, BASE: A Model for Improving Any Practice (but especially for leaders) is emerging. BASE stands for Boundaries—Accountability—Support—Expectations, and he introduces each one, in their many facets, in his weekly posts.

The Complexity of Change is Mat’s current focus. In his posts, a conceptual foundation is emerging. Each concept is linked to practical examples and experiences. He is also maintaining and updating the Panta Rhei site. If you have any comments, suggestions, or questions, shoot us a quick email at

We are thrilled to see what will happen once this site and its blog are (more) content-rich, and hopefully also a good read (and listen). Especially on the Panta Rhei Blog, we are very interested in what you think. Feel free to leave us a comment or two.


Did we mention we started in the fourth quarter of 2019? We decided to build this site for everybody to see every step of the way. But no, we do not have any clients. Yet! The logos below are just images from the website template that WordPress so kindly provided.

We need your input and help in building Panta Rhei. Both Chris and Mat think better, work better, perhaps also write better in exchange with others. Let us know what you think, how you feel about a particular post, a set of ideas, or a single sentence.

And if you do think we can be of service – with a consultation, a presentation, a workshop – let us know.

Get in Touch

Chris and Mat live and work in San Diego, California. If you happen to be in the area and would like to meet with us, send us an email. If you want to chat, ask a question, comment off the Panta Rhei website and blog, send us an email.

We send out news on Twitter @PantaRheiP and post links to our blog posts in chronological order on the PantaRheiEnterprise Facebook page. So, follow the former and/or like the latter, and you will never miss one of our pearls of wisdom. You can also connect with each of us on LinkedIn: Mat on LinkedIn and Chris on LinkedIn.


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Connected forest lake in Algonquin Park

Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada

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