Mat’s teaching

Recently, I have taught the following courses:

  • European reflections on science and technology
  • German grammar and composition
  • Second course in German
  • Stories and histories since the middle ages: Deutsch gestern und heute

Over the years, I have taught:

  • Second Language Acquisition (graduate: complex systems in SLA, learner variability),
  • Computer-Assisted Language Learning (graduate: introduction, multimedia authoring, CALL for written language, ICALL),
  • German language (elementary to advanced), Business German (beginners to final-year), German for Computing (final-year), German for International Hotel Management (all undergraduate levels),
  • German Linguistics (introduction, language history, morphology, syntax, text analysis) (undergraduate and graduate),
  • German Landeskunde (first and second-year),
  • Sociolinguistics (introduction: undergraduate and graduate, discourse analysis,
    bilingualism, bilingual codes, German in Waterloo),
  • Computing for Language Students (first-year),
  • German and Russian at a comprehensive school in Leipzig.

For the following completed MA/MSc theses and PhD dissertations, I was supervisor:

  • Abbott, Ruth: A description of German verbal prefixes using the HPSG formalism for implementation in a Prolog parser (MSc Machine Translation 1997)
  • Autorino, Alyssa: French Morphology in a database-driven CALL application (MSc Machine Translation 1997)
  • Chatzi, Efstathia: Text manipulation project (MSc in Machine Translation 1999/2000)
  • Felten, Andrew: A CALL application for learning German syntax (MSc Computing 1997; co-supervisor with John Keane)
  • Heffner, Lori: Heritage languages: The case of Kitchener-Waterloo (MA German 2003)
  • Kampen-Robinson, Christine: “Es kommt nur naturally.“ Language use of sixth-grade students in an English-German bilingual program (MA German, 2010)
  • Kern, Beate: Getrennt schreiben oder zusammenschreiben? Eine Untersuchung zu den Regeln der Getrennt- und Zusammenschreibung im Bereich der zusammengesetzten Verben (MA German 2005)
  • Lee, Mi Ja: Error analysis of written texts by learners of German as a foreign language (MA German 2003)
  • Leong, Lai-Mei: From Windows to Web: Comparative study of conventional and web-based CALL (MSc Natural Language Processing 1998)
  • Leuner, Katharina: Multilingualism management at work: Language policies, practices, and perceptions in German multinational corporations. A case study. (MA IcGS 2012-2014, Mannheim and Waterloo) (co-supervisor)
  • Penner, Nikolai: The High German of Russian Mennonites in Ontario (PhD German 2009)
  • Pokorny, Bjanka: Language frequency profiling of written texts by students of German as a foreign language (MA German, 2009)
  • Preece, Deborah: Linking elements in German compounds. Corpus study and computational implementation (MSc Machine Translation1999)
  • Reichert, Tetyana: Second language acquisition online: Investigating input and output by beginners (MA German 2005)
  • Reineke, Silke: Mythos und Gnade: Schlagwörter, Topoi und weitere diskurslinguistische Phänomene im RAF-Diskurs in der Wochenzeitung ‘Die Zeit’ (MA German, 2009)
  • Riley, Dawn: A text-linguistic study of post-match interviews in football (MSc Translation Studies 1998)
  • Schmidt, Martin: Neologismen der 90er Jahre – Kenntnis und Einstellungen unter Deutschsprecher/Innen aus Kitchener-Waterloo (MA German, 2006)
  • Serrand, Catherine: Problematik der Wortstellung im Mittelfeld des deutschen Satzes. Untersuchung der Positionierung von Adverbien an ausgewählten Beispielen
    (MA German 2003)
  • Stephan, Martin: Das Passiv in Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar: Argumentverhalten deutscher Verben (MA German 2003)
  • Strobl, Carola: Affordances of online technologies for academic writing instruction in a foreign language. An exploration in individual and collaborative settings.
    (PhD English 2011-2015, Universiteit Gent) (co-supervisor)
  • Taylor, Helen: Computer-assisted text production: Feedback on grammatical errors made by learners of English as a foreign language (MSc in Machine Translation
  • Wood, Peter: QuickAssist: Extensive reading for learners of German using CALL technologies (PhD German 2010)
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