BASE: Boundaries–Accountability–Support–Expectations

  1. BASE: A Model to Improve Any Practice (especially for leaders!)
  2. Putting the “B” in BASE: Outlining our boundaries for ourselves and others
    1. Personal Boundaries
      1. Boundaries – Personal, Part 1: What are they, and (how) do we understand them?
      2. Boundaries – Personal, Part 2: Cognitive and Interpersonal
    2. Professional Boundaries
      1. Boundaries – Professional, Part 1: The Office: How to get more out when you go in …
      2. Boundaries – Professional, Part 2: Office space is a function of our head space: How to stay motivated and make sure you’ve always got the memo …
      3. Boundaries – Professional, Part 2: Addendum!
    3. Physical Boundaries
      1. Boundaries – Physical, Part 1: What’s “social distancing” got to do with it?
      2. Boundaries – Physical, Part 2: Mind-Body Connection, Re-Imagining the Interpersonal, and “Interacting, Fast and Slow” – A riff on the work and words of Daniel Kahneman

Last updated July 10, 2020

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