We believe that life and work and everything in-between intertwine to create a wildly complex set of interrelated systems. Moreover, those systems are dynamic, meaning they are constantly changing on their own and in concert with one another. We provide approaches that leverage a deeper understanding of language and culture(s) in order to make change management more purposeful and more successful.

Mat Schulze


I hold a PhD in Applied Linguistics and have been a leader of various teams since the age of 18, which was quite a while ago. I have been teaching – mainly at universities – in Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Russia, and the US. I love thinking about the way we talk in different languages and with different voices, the way we think, and the way talking, thinking, and feeling are interdependent.

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Chris Brown


I hold a PhD in Leadership Studies and have more than a decade and a half of experience managing highly complex and diverse teams. I am passionate about finding innovative ways to help myself and others to be, and do, better in life my being more present and connected to the things that matter most.

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